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Let's get this party started! Welcome, to our state party website currently under construction. The party is in its infancy stage as it just became official with the State of Florida on September 1, 2021.

NOTICE OF MEETINGS - under construction

Currently, due to COVID 19 all meetings are currently being held virtually. Below please find our current schedule of meetings (subject to change):

10/03/21 - 4:00 pm ET - People's Party (FL) Information webinar. OPEN to any FL resident. Part 1 of 3.

10/06/21 - 8:00 pm ET - Monthly (1st Wednesday) - Reserved meeting day/time for Active Local and/or State Organizing Committees. All FL registered voters whose party preference is shown on their voter ID as People's Party (PEO) are welcome to attend. Click here to change your party affiliation. If you used the link you will be invited by mass email. At this time we have no other indication you are a member if you have not used the link above.

10/06/21 - Elections Committee Meeting Agenda/Minutes.

10/13/21 - 8:00 pm ET - People's Party (FL) Information webinar. OPEN to any FL resident. Part 2 of 3

10/20/21 - 8:00 pm ET - Monthly (3rd Wednesday) - State Leaders Committee (SLC) CLOSED meeting. This Octobers meeting is a SPECIAL MEETING open only to GUESTS who have completed: Yes, I want to register to vote People's Party-FL AND People's Party: FL Volunteer Membership Application meeting a particular SEC criteria.

10/27/21 - 8:00 pm ET - People's Party (FL) Information webinar. OPEN to any FL resident. Part 3 of 3.

Follow the link(s) provided to attend OPEN Statewide webinars or meetings. PEO meeting links are provided via mass email. Contact with meeting inquires.

CONSTITION, BYLAWS - Under Construction

Present Officers and Contact Information:

Chair: Victor Nieto; South District At-Large Delegate
Vice-Chair: Carolyn Wolfe North District At-Large Delegate
Secretary/Treasurer: Elise Mysels Central District At-Large Delegate

Standing Committees (required by our By-laws and SEC): If you would like to join a standing committee you must: Register as a Volunteer at National, Affiliate with People's Party (FL), Submit a Volunteer Member Application for Approval and Vote, and attend 3-consecutive meetings of the SLC prior to the vote.

The Standing Committees are: Credentials, Elections, Platform and Rules.

JOIN THE PARTY - Under Construction

Joining the party is just a matter of selecting People's Party (PEO) as your party of choice when you REGISTER TO VOTE OR CHANGE YOUR PARTY AFFILIATION in Florida. Follow the link to be redirected to the Florida Online Voter Registration System or download a paper form to fill out and return to you local Supervisor of Elections Office.

If you would like to learn more about the People's Party visit the National Website . There you can register as a volunteer.

Once you registered at National, joined the People's Party (FL) and have decided to volunteer, you can get even more involved with us. There are numerous ways you can participate. Just complete a quick survey and tell us what areas you find of interest and we'll provide you with more details.

Members are encouraged to join a hub near them and participate in an organizational committee at any level of either state, hub or county. Standard organizing committees are: Actions, Creative Arts, Finance, Organizing, Tech Data, and Warm Data. Once you become a volunteer member you will learn more about the mandates of each committee.

Lastly, we encourage everyone to help us continue to build, by making a contribution to our state party.

STATEWIDE EVENTS - Under Construction

10/20/21 - Jimmy Dore West Palm Beach

10/21/21 - Jimmy Dore Ft. Lauderdale

10/23/21 - Veg Fest Orlando

11/06/21 - Fair Elections FL Statewide RCV Kick-off

NATIONAL PRESS: - Under Construction

People's Party National - Florida News! Register for Peoples Party

People's Party National - The Florida People’s Party announces ballot access, begins voter registration drive

Creative Loafing - ‘The People’s Party’ gains ballot access in Florida and aims to challenge corporate politics

FLORIDA PRESS RELEASES: - Under Construction






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